Erratic Rock Patagonia

erratic rock


Erratic Rock in Patagonia in the southern part of Chile is a company which offers numerous business areas in the field of tourism. On the one hand, as an organiser, Erratic Rock organises professionally operated trekking and high-mountain tours in Patagonia. On the other hand the association runs a hostel in Puerto Natales for adventure tourists.

For the responsible persons, all of whom are also active in environmental protection, it has always been of great importance that tourists in the region adapt themselves to the environment, nature and respect the people who live locally and leave no traces of having been there when they leave.

A further field of activity has developed out of this called the “Puerto Natales Recycling Project“. The goal of this recycling project includes properly separating out plastic waste left by tourists, but also recyclable waste from the local population and transporting it by ship to appropriately equipped recycling plant in the communities in which they are located. To do this Erratic Rock cooperates with the cargo shipping line Navimag which ships one container a month on the 3 day journey to Puerto Montt where its contents are recycled and further processed.

The long-term goal of this initiative is to establish a modern, non-profit recycling operation which serves the whole Magellan region in the future.

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