Containers in Puerto Natales

On 22nd March 2016 the city administration of the municipality of Puerto Natales in southern Chiles officially inaugurated launching of use of a total of 15 waste separation containers. These 15 containers will be distributed in the future over the whole urban area and will allow the local people to practice correct separation of plastic and aluminium waste.

Book Project “Ocean Warriors” in Raja Ampat

Together with our project partner “Friendly Drifter” and our sponsor BORSI we started another project in the autumn of 2016 looking at “ecological education and strategic disposal of plastic in particularly sensitive areas of the world worthy of protection”.

In Raja Ampat, an archipelago in Indonesia (West Paua), which is unique in the world because of its maritime biodiversity, there is neither the know-how nor the financial capacity, similar to Puerto Natales, where we already successfully implemented our first project “Containers for Puerto Natales”, to ensure professional waste disposal.