Plastics are usually manufactured from natural raw materials like crude oil, coal and also renewable plants, but everyone knows that nature can no longer degrade the casually thrown away end products.

What is even worse:

Used plastics wastes which are not recycled for their intended purpose place a very great and permanent load upon our earth and destroy the habitat of people and animals.


Since the 70s an enormous amount of work has been done at our latitude or in informed industrial nations concerning environmental protection, avoiding use of plastics and also recycling of plastics. Currently there has been the legally required introduction of an obligatory charge for plastic bags in many member states of the European Union.

However, the people living in more remote regions, above all in emerging and developing countries, simply do not have the know-know and the financial capacities to implement systematic and sustainable recycling.

For example, while the duty to ensure environmental protection is firmly anchored in us who live in the Federal Republic of Germany, even in the constitution, the vast majority of populations in numerous countries and regions of our earth are not even partially sensitized to the topic of recycling plastics.

“IndustryResponsibility“ is therefore constantly seeking new project and financial partners in order to be able to support regions of the world who are not subject to the strict framework conditions of our environmental standards in running recycling projects.

The project partners on the one hand, setting up and running of the recycling projects in the unique and sometimes exotic regions of the earth which are truly worth protecting, and the financial partners on the other hand who wish to help finance these projects in connection with their focus on their strategic business goals.